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All of our followers are aged and made to look legitimate.

We have spent a long time aging our followers so they look as legit as possible. All of our accounts have bio's and profile pictures. Most of all, they don't follow hundreds of people. Meaning they look like they belong, and you won't look like you've been hit with a follow bot.

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Make sure you're getting what you paid for with our advanced dashboard.

You shouldn't have to use a viewer bot or a chatbot and be stuck with the same delivery throughout your stream. That's why we created a dashboard that lets you manage your stream right from our site. You can start, stop and update the bot as much as you like. You can monitor your delivery on our dashboard, too! We provide stream statistics every 5 minutes that shows you what your delivery is. If you find a problem, simply contact support with our on-site support system!

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You can try our viewer bot for free. You won't get any followers, but you can try out our live viewers or chat bot free for 30 minutes. Get up to 15 viewers with our free plan.

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To claim your free trial, just register your account and then Login. When you login, you'll be able to use our Twitch viewers bot and Twitch chat bot for 30 minutes! You get 15 viewers or 15 chatters to try!

Twitch Follow Bot FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions about our Twitch follow bot service. If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to message us using our live chat!

What is a follow bot?

A follow bot is a service we offer to help grow your followers whilst using a viewer bot. If you have a lot of viewers, it makes sense for you to have a fair amount of followers, so we provide followers to help grow your channel too!

Are the followers real?

No. The followers are not real and they're bots created for following channels when requested to.

What happens if a follower is banned?

We try to make our followers look as real as possible. They have bios, avatars and they do not follow hundreds of channels. However, Twitch can ban or remove an account at any time for any reason. If this is the case, you will lose that follower as a follower. We do not replace them as there is no way to detect this.

How long do followers take to arrive?

We drip-feed your followers whilst you're streaming, and they only arrive whilst you're streaming to look real. So, the delivery time depends on how long you stream for and how many you requested.

Do followers interact with the stream?

Sometimes a follower can come from our chat bot, too, so they may talk as well if you have the chat bot enabled. Otherwise, no, they do not talk or interact with you.