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Get premium Twitch channel views

We offer what we like to call "realistic channel views". It means you can't control how many views you send to your channel, but you will get channel views. Twitch is a lot smarter than it was 2 years ago when Twitch viewbots were booming, which means we have to be careful about how channel views are delivered.
Lets face it...buying 1,000 channel views for your Twitch channel when you only get 2 live viewers isn't realistic, is it? That's why with every one of our plans, you get realistic channel views/. If you request 100 live viewers to your channel, you'll get 100 live viewers and 100 channel views. Simple!

Premium channel views

We do not spam your channel with views, we drip-feed them.

Every time you use our viewer bot, you get channel views. It's as simple as that. We do this for a very good reason and we feel it sets us apart from the other viewbotting services. Each time one of our random IP's connects to your channel, we deliver one channel view. If you request 100 live viewers, you get 100 channel views. This makes views look much more organic and won't make your channel look like it is being botted. Clever, right? This also means that the longer you stream, the more channel views you'll get! Sure, a bunch of channel views on your Twitch channel looks great, but, does it look realistic? I think not.

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Premium delivery

Monitor your bot with our dashboard

Make sure you're getting what you paid for with our advanced dashboard.

You shouldn't have to use a viewer bot or a chatbot and be stuck with the same delivery throughout your stream. That's why we created a dashboard that lets you manage your stream right from our site. You can start, stop and update the bot as much as you like. You can monitor your delivery on our dashboard, too! We provide stream statistics every 5 minutes that shows you what your delivery is. If you find a problem, simply contact support with our on-site support system!

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Get a free trial & also pay with crypto!

You can try our viewer bot for free. You won't get any followers, but you can try out our live viewers or chat bot free for 30 minutes. Get up to 15 viewers with our free plan.

Pay with PayPal or your favourite cryptocurrency! If you pay in crypto, you get a further 10% off which will automatically be applied at the checkout.

To claim your free trial, just register your account and then Login. When you login, you'll be able to use our Twitch viewers bot and Twitch chat bot for 30 minutes! You get 15 viewers or 15 chatters to try!

Twitch Channel Views FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions about our Twitch channel views service. If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to message us using our live chat!

What are channel views?

Twitch channel views show people how popular your channel is and having a lot of channel views is usually an enticing way to attract more attention to your channel.

What are realistic channel views?

Realistic channel views is a phrase coined by Viewerlabs. Any other Twitch service will provide channel views randomly when you buy them. We don't do that as it looks unrealistic. All of your channel views are gained alongside our viewer bot, that way, they look realistic.

Can I buy channel views on their own?

No, we do not let you buy channel views as a service on its own. We want to deliver a professional service and to do this, we deliver the views in a realistic manner. This helps you. There's no quick road to growing your channel, so just trust us on this one!

How long do channel views take to arrive?

Channel views are delivered in conjunction with our viewer bot. Each successful connection our viewer bot makes in turn delivers a channel view. It does this a couple of times during your stream to provide a realistic amount of views. You'll look good in the eyes of Twitch this way.

Are the views real?

No, the channel views are not from real people. But they look real!