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Sep 30 12:23:08 UTC 2019 - I have updated the status of the bot to "operational". It is working for MOST users, for the ones it's not, they just need to contact support and we can permanently fix that bot. The reason we're having to do it this way, is because we cannot determine when it's not working by monitoring channels. So, people need to tell us their bot is not working and we can simply fix it. The fix is very easy for us to do and you'll usually get full delivery within a few minutes after contact support - they will mark your account and next time you go live, you shouldn't have the issue again.
Sep 26 19:37:58 UTC 2019 - Okay, everything seems to be running a lot smoother now. Only a couple of people have complained about under delivery today, and it wasn't even by much. Maybe 30% for those that complained? I'm pretty confident it's working now but, if you're experiencing problems, let support know and they're equipped with new tools to fix the issue.

If it's still fine in, lets say 24 hours, I'll press the button that compensates everyone and we can all pretend this never happened.
Sep 25 20:05:07 UTC 2019 - Some users are getting massive over delivery...I would recommend just reducing your number a bit. To the people getting slight under delivery, just speak to staff and they will boost you up whilst we mess with the configuration of the bot.
Sep 25 12:04:54 UTC 2019 - Full delivery should be back. Any plans that were running before the change might need a restart, if you're still not getting delivery, contact support. If the transition goes smoothly, we will roll out the compensation today.
Sep 25 0:40:48 UTC 2019 - We are beginning to roll out the changes to our viewbot. The same users that have been affected the past couple of days will experience some under-delivery...but please keep in mind this is a developmental fix. We have to test it on the live servers to see how it behaves and unfortunately, this is the only way to do it. But under-delivery is better than no delivery. Once we have captured some statistics, we can start fully rolling out the changes with the required changes to bring everything back up to 100% delivery.

EVERYONE WILL BE COMPENSATED. You will get your plan back in full regardless of the days you've used. Anyone that used a plan during this period, regardless of being effected or not, will have their plan time reset. Anyone that had a plan expire during this period will simply get a new plan.