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Sep 25 0:40:48 UTC 2019 - We are beginning to roll out the changes to our viewbot. The same users that have been affected the past couple of days will experience some under-delivery...but please keep in mind this is a developmental fix. We have to test it on the live servers to see how it behaves and unfortunately, this is the only way to do it. But under-delivery is better than no delivery. Once we have captured some statistics, we can start fully rolling out the changes with the required changes to bring everything back up to 100% delivery.

EVERYONE WILL BE COMPENSATED. You will get your plan back in full regardless of the days you've used. Anyone that used a plan during this period, regardless of being effected or not, will have their plan time reset. Anyone that had a plan expire during this period will simply get a new plan.
Sep 23 18:47:26 UTC 2019 - We have been testing a new solution for a day now and it's working with full delivery. All non working channels we have been testing on have been working, we will give it a bit more testing and then release the update. There's no point in us making it live now when it could just stop working. Sit tight, we know it's annoying but we will make it right, don't worry.
Sep 21 20:35:46 UTC 2019 - We're getting reports that some users are still not getting full delivery. We are testing a fix currently that seems to be working, if it continues to work we will restart the bots that are not delivering and roll out the compensation for the lost time.
Sep 20 0:56:00 UTC 2019 - As of right now, the issue seems to be resolved, but we will continue to monitor the situation. We will be applying compensation for the issues to everyone (even though it only effected about 10% of people) when we confirm the issue is resolved.
Aug 23 17:18:34 UTC 2019 - Everything should be working again now. Please do not spam our support staff asking about the 2 days credit, it will be credited once we've made sure everything is operational again. Please be patient and it will automatically be added to your account.