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Apr 28 10:32:05 UTC 2020 - We have been having over-delivery for the past few days, we're still working on it!
Apr 21 18:40:28 UTC 2020 - Our hosting provider went down for a little bit, but they seem to have returned. We will add 2 hours to everyone's plans now for the issues. All running bots were unaffected and all auto-starts continued to run!
Apr 19 17:15:26 UTC 2020 - Also, for you bots that keep signing up and claiming random trials (yeah, we see you). You know it's not working on the channels you pick, right? You're not that smart. However, you have been filling up the trial queue and that's annoying for people than genuinely want a trial. So we have greatly increased the size of the trial queue and stopped "bot accounts" from contributing to filling it up. Enjoy!
Apr 19 16:58:27 UTC 2020 - Firstly, We hope you're all say and well during this pandemic. We're seeing a lot of new streamers recently, and that's a great sign because it means you're staying inside like responsible people!

Whilst implementing some fixes for the under delivery today, we accidentally destroyed the servers and things went a bit chaotic. It was resolved in about 15 minutes, but we wanted to apologise for the error. In better news, the viewer fluctuations are a lot better now and delivery is also WAY better. I know for the past couple of days, some of you have had about 90% delivery. I say some, because we figured out it was related to some of our servers which, when updating, caused the issues today.

Just to keep you all posted as well, we do have some great new features for the viewer bot and the chatbot coming soon. We are releasing a feature for the viewer bot that hasn't been done before and will certainly make the majority of you extremely happy. Also, I promise you, the new chatbot features will make us by far and away the most advanced chatbot you can get your hands on. Watch this space.
Jan 17 12:20:36 UTC 2020 - Crypto payments are now working again! Sorry for the delay.