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Jan 11 13:19:02 UTC 2019 - We realise a few people have had issues with delivery for the past 2 days, and we're working on getting everything stable again. If you're having under delivery, please contact support and we can get your numbers up to where they should be.
Jan 8 3:13:13 UTC 2019 - The follow bot is back and we will keep an eye on it. We're also working on resolving the viewbot issues tonight. We had an unexpected amount of traffic and we need to add more servers to handle the requested viewbots.
Jan 7 17:00:48 UTC 2019 - There is a problem with the follow bot since we changed it yesterday that causes the server to crash. We're aware of the issue and the follower bot should be back online within the next couple of hours. We're having a few teething issues with the new bot, but, it has been functioning really well...server crashing aside.
Jan 7 1:28:00 UTC 2019 - A lot more people used the new follow bot than we expected and it forced us to upgrade the servers for it. We've upgraded all the follow bot servers and put the followers back online. Any of the followers that were unprocessed have been returned to you. You will need to start the follow bot again, but we will not need to do this again now. We have more than enough capacity after this upgrade. Sorry!
Jan 7 0:26:44 UTC 2019 - We have removed all accounts from the chatbot that were created in September and our account pool continues to grow daily. Every day that passes, more and more accounts are added to the pool with different creation dates. This should take care of the "same day accounts" in chat.

We've also released a new follower bot to resolve the issue of plans getting "stuck". You can now stop and pause the bot yourself if needs be.