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Nov 10 15:49:30 UTC 2020 - The 1,000% over-delivery issue is now resolved.
Nov 10 14:38:57 UTC 2020 - We currently have over-delivery of about 1,000%. 100 live viewers is giving about 1,000. We're working on the issue and we'll post here when it's resolved.
Nov 3 11:11:18 UTC 2020 - We don't know what has happened recently to cause a lot of new people to switch to Viewerlabs from other services on the market, but it's having an effect on our delivery. There is a small amount of under-delivery right now. We are adding new servers throughout the day to cope with the new load.
Oct 3 19:24:25 UTC 2020 - We've been making lots of tweaks and fixes this week. We've resolved the issue where some users plans were not appearing after payment and they'd need to request the plan to be added manually. We've cleared up the dashboard page to make things a little bit more clear, as well as a lot of backend tidying up. Another thing we have improved is the trial system, to stop automated bots claiming trials and filling the queue, stealing space from the legitimate users.

This coming week, we will be increasing the max followers you can send at once back to its original amount of 1,000 as testing went well, as well as rolling out compensation for the missing followers during the downtime. We also have a few other changes coming during this week.
Sep 19 11:05:55 UTC 2020 - We have re-enabled the follow bot. We've limited the max followers per session to 100, just for a day or 2 whilst we test the new code and make changes. We are also making changes to the viewer bot to improve stability and functionality. Stay tuned! We'll announce when the follower bot has an increased sending limit, back to unlimited.