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May 11 14:00:40 UTC 2019 - We have made a change to the auto start system which fixes the issues with the bots not auto starting for reruns. We had to do a lot of changes and had to clear all of the existing auto starts. This could not be avoided, but you can simply re-add your auto starts and they will continue to work as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Apr 14 13:53:00 UTC 2019 - The under delivery issues will be sorted within the next couple of days. Our developers have been working hard on the issue and trying to find a good solution. Until then, please feel free to request a boost from staff and they will be happy to do so.
Apr 6 14:10:47 UTC 2019 - You can now successfully use our service on reruns.
Apr 1 7:24:31 UTC 2019 - Sorry about the downtime! We had a little issue with downtime today when our SSL certificate wasn't automatically renewed like it should have been. There was a server issue that stopped the certificate renewing and it therefor expired. The problem should now be resolved and we will be crediting compensation shortly.
Mar 16 2:31:49 UTC 2019 - We are slowly rolling out patches to the viewbot to sort the under-delivery. If you're experiencing under-delivery, please contact support and they can boost your plans. We will be crediting everyone's accounts once the patch is rolled out across all servers.