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Service status

Viewbot status

(but slightly degraded operating between 90% and 100% delivery for some. Major outages between 2am UTC and 6am UTC)

Chatbot status


Followbot status

Down for a few days from April 17th - 3pm UTC whilst we perform maintenance to counter the latest Twitch changes


Jan 12 10:14:56 UTC 2021 - The follower bot has returned! We're keeping an eye on it for now, and slowly increasing thee max amount of followers you can send.

Compensation will be applied to your account automatically. Sorry for the delay!
Jan 7 16:39:53 UTC 2021 - Happy New Year, everyone!

The follower bot will be back very soon, we've nearly completed our re-write.

Also, the issue where you couldn't update and increase your viewers on the dashboard has now been fixed, you are now able to update your viewers correctly and it won't bug out.

Furthermore, ALL CLAIMED TRIALS HAVE BEEN CLEARED. If you have claimed a trial in the past, you're able to claim one again ON YOUR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT by verifying your email here:

If you didn't set an email, you can set one and then verify. This will work regardless of you claiming a trial in the past, you'll just get a new one.

All new registrations will need to verify their email now to get a free trial. This change is because we have thousands of bots trying to register daily trying to claim free trials and it causes stress on the viewbot queue for legitimate users. Alongside the new trial changes, you can now run BOTH the viewbot and chatbot at the same time during the trial, you don't have to pick between 1 or the other.

We have a few more changes coming over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Edit: You can also now upload 20 chat lists, up from 10.
Edit 2: Fixed chatlist encoding issues with languages like German and Arabic
Dec 23 13:27:53 UTC 2020 - The site has been running incredibly slow the past couple of days, mainly due to an influx of new users because other viewer bots are shutting down combined with our usual daily DDoS attacks. The issue should now be resolved and we will continue to monitor it. Happy holidays!
Nov 10 15:49:30 UTC 2020 - The 1,000% over-delivery issue is now resolved.
Nov 10 14:38:57 UTC 2020 - We currently have over-delivery of about 1,000%. 100 live viewers is giving about 1,000. We're working on the issue and we'll post here when it's resolved.