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Jan 6 12:41:37 UTC 2019 - There was an issue with one of our viewbot servers last night that caused a bit of disruption for some users. All users that experienced these issues will have their plans extended and we have deployed a new server as a fix.

We have also fixed the issues when "sending message as user" with special chars (Like Turkish or Chinese) being converted incorrectly. Alongside these chatbot changes, we have made the chatbot less strict when sending a message as a user. The chatbot was taking the emote "LUL" as offensive because it's used as an insult in Dutch, we have significantly reduced the list of "bad phrases" and made the bot less strict.
Dec 28 22:34:23 UTC 2018 - Sorry about the downtime on followers. They were down for just under 48 hours. If your plan expired during the time the followers were down, just contact support and they will check and credit them back to you.

Everyone else has had the followers on their plan reset, so you may use them all again. We have released a bunch of new accounts in to the system which solves the "accounts created on same day" issue, same for the chat bots. New accounts are added in to the system daily. We improved our algorithm for creating accounts so that our accounts can look more realistic. We also made a bunch of backend improvements for our upcoming releases.

We have some big plans for 2019, so stay tuned!
Dec 14 11:56:12 UTC 2018 - In preparation for some upcoming chatbot changes, we have increased the amount of chatbots you receive. You now have 1:1 ratio of viewers and chatbots.
We are slowly replacing all of our follower accounts and chatbot accounts to solve the issue of accounts being created on the same day.
Dec 7 12:45:01 UTC 2018 - We have somewhat resolved the issue and viewers are seemingly back to normal. We are continuing to work on under-delivery and we are monitoring the situation as well as making bot improvements.
Dec 7 0:54:38 UTC 2018 - We are aware of the currently under-delivery issue with the viewbots and we are working hard to solve the issues. If you're experiencing under-delivery, please contact our support staff and they will boost you to the correct number of viewers. We will update this page when the issue is fully resolved.