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Dec 7 0:54:38 UTC 2018 - We are aware of the currently under-delivery issue with the viewbots and we are working hard to solve the issues. If you're experiencing under-delivery, please contact our support staff and they will boost you to the correct number of viewers. We will update this page when the issue is fully resolved.
Dec 7 0:33:41 UTC 2018 - We have fixed a few issues with the chatbot. We have reduced how strict the "bad word filter" is and words in other languages should no longer get filtered for containing "bad words". Full words will still be censored. We have also reduced the cool-down on sending messages, and now sending messages has a cool-down per chatbot account, not per message. You can now send a message every 4 seconds per account, not every 10 seconds per message. Also, a much-requested feature is making the user-list searchable, so you can better find a user you'd like to send a message as.
Oct 16 18:00:00 UTC 2018 - Fixed chatbot auto-starts. You can now re-add your chatbot to the auto-start queue.
Oct 14 18:00:00 UTC 2018 - Added the ability for users to update their account emails and passwords. You can access this menu from the dropdown menu in the top right. The is a new option called "Account Settings".
Oct 8 23:00:00 UTC 2018 - We have updated our viewbot to provide more stability. We had a lot of complaints about the fluctuations of the viewbot, and we know it was a big problem. We have released an update now that we believe makes the viewbot the most stable bot on the market. We've also added more functionality in the viewbot code that makes it appear more realistic to Twitch and in your channel stats. We also removed millions of IP's that may appear "bad" to Twitch, as well as removing all GeoLocations that are not "desirable" in the proxy world. This update should stop large jumps up and down in viewers.