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Jun 2 22:48:10 UTC 2019 - Sorry for the downtime. Google recently had a large outage, affecting a lot of major services including YouTube, Snapchat, Discord and many others. We rely on Google Cloud services and them going down affected us. We knew they'd only be down for a couple of hours, so we did not migrate to a new service. Everyone will be compensated for the downtime and you can see the reason for the downtime here:
May 16 13:27:46 UTC 2019 - There was a major outage at one of our datacenters, we have now migrated the server and it's back online. Everyone will be credited for the 45 minute downtime.
May 12 21:10:17 UTC 2019 - The chatbot now has 2 new options. You can set the drip-feed rate, that works exactly like the viewer bot so needs no real instructions. You simply set the drip feed rate and it's applied to the chatbot, per chatter. So 10 chatters with a drip-feed rate of 5 seconds will take 50 seconds to fully join. The other option is "read method" for chat lists. You can set the chatbot to read from the chat list sequentially (line by line) or randomly. If it's set to line by line, it will start at the top of your file and send each line from the top using your chat settings. Random is just random. Enjoy!
May 11 14:00:40 UTC 2019 - We have made a change to the auto start system which fixes the issues with the bots not auto starting for reruns. We had to do a lot of changes and had to clear all of the existing auto starts. This could not be avoided, but you can simply re-add your auto starts and they will continue to work as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Apr 14 13:53:00 UTC 2019 - The under delivery issues will be sorted within the next couple of days. Our developers have been working hard on the issue and trying to find a good solution. Until then, please feel free to request a boost from staff and they will be happy to do so.