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Service status

Viewbot status

(but slightly degraded operating between 90% and 100% delivery for some. Major outages between 2am UTC and 6am UTC)

Chatbot status


Followbot status

Down for a few days from April 17th - 3pm UTC whilst we perform maintenance to counter the latest Twitch changes


Apr 21 9:46:59 UTC 2021 - Update regarding the follower bot status. We are just generating new accounts now using the new account generation method. We have a bunch of test channels that we are testing the follow bots on and none are being removed currently. We need to have enough accounts in the system to meet the demand. As soon as this is done, which is very soon, we will make the follow bot live instantly.
Apr 17 14:59:49 UTC 2021 - The new follower bot is almost ready, as such, we have put the follower bot in to "maintenance mode", meaning you will be unable to start new follower sessions. We have taken a snapshot of who is owed what and will credit all followers back in the form of a new plan that has no expiry date but only has followers. You will be able to send followers as you please and at the rate you see fit. We will never send them automatically to your channel.

This does however mean that for the next few days the follower bot will be in maintenance mode. It makes more sense to do this because the followers currently being sent are using the old system and could be at risk of getting removed.

According to Twitch, 7,500,000 accounts were removed from the platform. We believe less than 10% of these accounts belonged to Viewerlabs and were created before 2019, which means they were using a very old account creation method that we believe to be the flaw. As a result and to take caution, we are removing ALL of our accounts out of our circulating supply and replacing them - this will take a few days.
Apr 14 20:08:14 UTC 2021 - Twitch made an announcement about purging 7.5m accounts by using "AI" to detect them. This only affects follower bots, regardless of them saying it affects viewer bots. We already have a fix in the works and all followers will be credited back automatically. This is the first time in years that Twitch has effectively "purged" accounts and there would have been no way to prevent this. Every bot on the market that sells followers has been caught off-guard.

Using the service is ABSOLUTELY FINE, you will not get banned from Twitch. You are not at an increased risk. Twitch are just purging old accounts and accounts that "look like" they're follower bots. They haven't done something like this in YEARS and is probably just some spring cleaning.

Some of the biggest streamers lost over 2,000,000 followers.
Jan 26 11:19:57 UTC 2021 - For the most part now, delivery is 90 - 100%. Apart from for about 4 hours between 2am UTC and 6am UTC, when it's *really* bad, which we are still trying to figure out. However, the past few days we've been able to make delivery better and better. The "service status" of the viewbot has been updated to reflect this.
Jan 15 18:02:20 UTC 2021 - Twitch made a change recently that has made all of our competitors stop working. They haven't been working for over 24 hours now and everyone is coming to Viewerlabs. Whilst we are happy about this, it has put a considerable strain on our resources. The number of viewer bots running today compared to the same time yesterday has doubled, and it has been like this all day so far.

So yes, we are working but delivery can be as low as 50% for some people. We're working on getting it back to 100%.

To be clear, we're not having the same issue as the other viewer bot providers, we're having load issues.