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The most stable Twitch viewer bot, guaranteed

We're not kidding. You can compare if you'd like. If you've tried other Twitch viewer bots, you'll know, they fluctuate a lot, and it's annoying. They typically sell it as "fluctuation looks normal" or "we do it to make it look natural", but we know that's a lie. We know that their Twitch viewer bot is just unstable. Our viewbot, though, none of that! We have worked hard to make sure the delivery you ask for is the delivery you get, and especially on smaller Twitch channels, you'll notice the solid, stable delivery.

Easy to use Dashboard for your bot

We have the most advanced dashboard for managing your Twitch Viewbot, Channel views, Followers and Chatbot.

Viewerlabs has the most powerful dashboard of any Twitch viewer bot. With our dashboard, you can control your Twitch viewer bot, Channel views, Twitch followers and even your Twitch chatbot, all from your own account. All of your plans stack, so you'll be able to manage all of them as you go. You can leave multiple bots running or just manage one. The week doesn't start until you first use the bot, too. So if you buy a plan and can't use it right away, no worry! We gotchu ;)

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Our Twitch Viewbot Dashboard demo
The only viewbot with 24/7 live support

The only viewer bot with 24/7 on-site support

That's right, we provide 24/7 support right on site.

Whenever you feel like using your twitch viewer bot, you absolutely can. If you ever need help, we'll be here! We provide 24/7 live support on-site, just click the support window in the bottom right of your screen and we'll answer any questions you have. Problem with your chatbot? Our staff can sort it. Not getting your viewers? We're here to help. Maybe you're just new and want to ask a question, no problem! Our friendly support staff will be able to help you.

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You can try our viewer bot for free. You won't get any followers, but you can try out our live viewers or chat bot free for 30 minutes. Get up to 15 viewers with our free plan.

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To claim your free trial, just register your account and then Login. When you login, you'll be able to use our Twitch viewers bot and Twitch chat bot for 30 minutes! You get 15 viewers or 15 chatters to try!


The best packages from the best Twitch Viewbot around.

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All Twitch Viewer Bot plans are limited to 2 channels per plan to stop abuse. You can request to have channels removed by contacting support.
The plans listed below are charged on a monthly basis, we also offer weekly plans but typically it's cheaper to buy for a month if you intend to use the service for more than a week.
Don't need a viewer bot for the entire month? We also have weekly plans, see them here.
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Viewbot plan #7

Small time streamer - Mnth

Twitch viewbot package icon

$ 35.00 /Per month

25 Live Viewers

Realistic channel views (?)

Up to 25 chatbot chatters


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Viewbot plan #8

Part time streamer - Mnth

Twitch viewbot package icon

$ 50.00 /Per month

50 Live Viewers

Realistic channel views (?)

Up to 50 chatbot chatters


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Viewbot plan #9

Full time Job - Mnth

Twitch viewbot package icon

$ 90.00 /Per month

100 Live Viewers

Realistic channel views (?)

Up to 100 chatbot chatters


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Viewbot plan #10

Pro streamer - Mnth

Twitch viewbot package icon

$ 140.00 /Per month

200 Live Viewers

Realistic channel views (?)

Up to 200 chatbot chatters


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Viewbot plan #11

Donation Addict - Mnth

Twitch viewbot package icon

$ 310.00 /Per month

500 Live Viewers

Realistic channel views (?)

Up to 500 chatbot chatters


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Free trial

Try for 30 minutes

Twitch viewbot package icon

Free for 30 minutes!

Get 15 viewers or 15 chatters for 30 minutes to try our viewer bot and chatbot. Just sign up, login and you can enable your free trial.
All of the above viewer bot plans are charged monthly. We have weekly plans available here.

What is a Twitch viewer bot?

Twitch in 2018 is still growing but also, very competitive. A Twitch Viewbot can help give you that little boost.

I think everyone agrees that the ideal job would be getting paid to play video games and have fun. A lot of people have done this on Twitch, but they have been around since the beginning. There's no such thing as Twitch SEO, so it's very hard to compete. The only way to get your name out there is by raking in those views. That's where a Twitch Viewbot service comes in and can help you get your content seen. Twitch doesn't punish people using Viewbots because simply, they can't prove it's you. Imagine you sent 1,000,000 viewers to the biggest streamer on Twitch, do you think they'll get banned? Nope!

Take a look at our prices and see how easy it is to get your content seen on Twitch.

The best Twitch Viewbot online

What are realistic channel views?

Twitch Viewer Bots have a bad habit of looking really, really unrealistic. With other viewbots, you need to buy your live viewers, then buy channel views separately and bot your Twitch channel. This process is just a money grab, and ends up costing you more, which isn't great! With Viewerlabs, our Twitch View Bot will deliver channel views on every successful connection. This is what a realistic channel view is. You get a live viewer? You get a channel view. It's simple! So, if you use our viewbot and send 70 live viewers to your Twitch channel, you will get 70 channel views. Simple, right? You don't have to worry about buying Twitch channel views to match your live viewers and we don't have to send an unrealistic amount of viewers to your channel. Twitch are getting smarter about how they handle viewbots, so that's why we're smarter than the Twitch viewer bots available today.